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New Comic!

2013-08-01 17:21:53 by NoaNoa

A few weeks ago, I just started making a comic about 4 characters who are being abducted by aliens, but don't know it at first because their memories get wiped. In chapter 3, I introduce the gray aliens, but I'm trying to finalize a look for them, since their are so many different appearances on the internet.

I started making the pages in black and white, but now I think I will do it in color, since it doesn't take that much longer to make. Anyway, Nice to meet you all!


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2013-08-05 03:48:43

I really think you need to bring your full comic over here.

The other site you use, deviantart, has gone down the shitter the last few years and I really think you'd be better off hosting it at both places, for more views at least.

I know me, like many others here, will not visit that site.

NoaNoa responds:

Thanks! My plan is to upload the full comic to NG, DA, and another site called MangaMagazine. I can only make about 5-6 pages per week, so it will be a few more weeks to finish the first 2 chapters. I only have 12 pages out of 68 done so far.


2013-08-12 00:11:24

Cant wait to see how the comic turns out. :)

NoaNoa responds:

Thanks! Your art is pretty cool, btw!


2013-08-12 11:54:58

thanks and so is yours :D